What if we had a scalable approach to poverty eradication that was hard-wired to food security and climate action?


An affordable Micro Investment Kit introduces modern agriculture to the smallholder farmer, boosting productivity to a level where some of the profit can be reinvested for further growth.

Food System

By enabling small-scale producers to become profitable, we unlock their ability to enter a growth path that matches their region’s growing need for nutritious food.


The Micro Investing pilot project started in 2015 and includes over 6000 farmers in Tanzania. A scale-up test in Malawi was launched this spring to find a good model for scaling the approach in a coordinated, international rollout from 2020.
The scale-up testing in Malawi is concentrated in the Dowa district, expanding by on EPA (economic planning area) at the time.
The pilot project in Tanzania has been conducted in many communities all over the country, with varying number of farmers at each location.


Farmers in the Malawi programme

Farmers in the Tanzania programme

More than half a billion people, that do not get enough to eat, are farmers. In his 14 minute TEDx talk from June 2018, Jakob Fagerland presents the essence of the micro investing concept and the story of Mama Eliza, one of 4200 smallholder farmers in the micro investing program.

The practice for using raised beds with drip irrigation is based on a solution practiced by Healing Hands International – www.hhi.org –
here visualised in by SAWBO™ Scientific Animations Without Borders.