NCA and partners

Micro Investing as a concept and ongoing program has been created by Norwegian Church Aid in cooperation with an international group of implementing partners.
The Micro Investing Concept is based on the experience gained through an ongoing pilot project which has been in the NCA’s country program for Tanzania since 2015, currently led by Gwen Berge, Country Director Tanzania; Gilbert Mworia, Program Manager; and executed under the management of Hermence Christopher Lulah, Programme Advisor; in cooperation with NCA’s faith-based partners:

The Anglican Church Diocese of Morogoro
Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT)
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania
East and Coastal Diocese (ELCT ECD)
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania
Northern Diocese (ELCT ND)
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania
Mbulu Diocese (ELCT Mbulu)
Four Corners Cultural Programme (4CCP)
Ilula Orphanage Project (IOP)
National Muslim Council of Tanzania (Bakwata)
Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC)

The development of the concept into a scalable approach was assigned by Andrej Viotti and Siv Øystese, Advisors for economic empowerment in NCA’s Department of International Programmes, to consultants Jakob Fagerland, who led the pilot project in Tanzania from 2015 to 2017, and Johs Ensby, who acted as a sparring partner for Fagerland in the same period.

Pio Ding, Director of Eastern Africa and the Horn of Africa Division, has given advice in several conversations leading up to this assignment. He participated in an NCA evaluation team that visited the pilot in Tanzania in 2017 together with Reuben Chepkonga, Jane Vogt Evensen and Madawa E. Mhanga.

Through reviews of the concept and a two-day workshop in Malawi in December 2018 hosted by Country Director Håvard Hovdhaugen and Program Manager Chipo Kachiwala, the concept was also amended based on input from representatives from NCA’s Malawi and Zambia office, the Norwegian Embassy and three local NGOs:

Churches Action in Relief and Development (CARD)
African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC)
Organisation for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development Initiative (OSSEDI Malawi)

The concept was revised after a Community of Practice conference for the NCA’s strategic initiative for Climate Smart Economic Empowerment in March 2019 with representatives from Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Somalia, Angola, Palestine, Afghanistan and Norway.

Top: The practice for using raised beds with drip irrigation is based on a solution pioneered by Healing Hands International (
Bottom: The Malawi rollout team organised by our implementing partner for Dowa district, African Insitute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC).