An affordable Micro Investment Kit introduces modern agriculture to the smallholder farmer, boosting
productivity to a level where some of the profit
can be reinvested for further growth.

From the start, we approached the small- holder farmer as a business entity, focusing on financial results. Simply put, we looked for what the farmer should do to have cash left on the table after providing for the family.

Micro Investing is not limited to a specific type of crop, technology, or technique. So far, farmers have tested various types of vegetables, poultry and fruit orchards. The main question is how to effectively promote a change of practice. Three main components are combined to transform the farmer’s business model:

Know-how and inputs that introduce modern agriculture are packaged in Micro Investment Kits and sold to the small- holder farmers. The farmer is approached as a decision maker and investor, not a beneficiary of aid.

A series of these micro investments become an Upgrade Path that allows the farmers to gradually increase the return on their work capacity and acreage. Each incremental invest- ment is kept affordable and includes support by a rollout team to secure performance, avoid setbacks, and build required capabilities.

Performance Management ensures that on-boarding new participants is effective, as well as in promoting best practice for the implementation of the climate-smart Micro Investment Kits. It will be supported by a digital platform that connects the farmer to knowledge and business partners.

Micro Investment Kits: All you need, and only what you need.
Upgrade Path: Building the required capabilities, step by step.
Performance Management: Real-time reporting and actionable insight.