Mama Eliza — a success story

Mama Eliza – a widow with four children and five grandchildren – was one of our first micro investors in a village outside Mbeya in Southern Tanzania. Her irrigated vegetables returned a profit of about $500 in three months.

Mama Eliza invested $28 in four ‘investment kits’ in December 2016. She reinvested $56 from the first season into eight more kits, resulting in a steadily growing income.

She never expected to own a big farm, but in October 2018 she bought 3 acres (1.2 ha) to expand her production. She also promotes her practice to farmers in other villages by arranging small demonstration events.

In the above visualisation with one person per billion people, Mama Eliza moved from the very left and passed the middle. In six months she went from below the poverty line to above average global income of $12 per day.